7 Tips on Weekly Hotel Room Stays that Will Never Cost You Again After Reading This! New Money

October 19, 2023
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In your quest for a budget-friendly weekly hotel room or a luxurious five-star resort, you’ll quickly realize that weekly hotel rooms can often be one of the most significant expenses of any trip. Sometimes, the cost of a weekly hotel room even exceeds that of airfare. Nobody wants to pay more than necessary for their weekly hotel room stay.

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Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to secure lower rates, most of which revolve around timing. Weekly hotel room rates can vary considerably based on factors such as the timing of your booking, the time of year you plan to travel, and the current demand in your chosen destination.

So, when is the best time to book a weekly hotel room to ensure you’re not overspending? Read on to discover tried-and-true tips for getting the best deal on your next weekly hotel room stay, along with the importance of hotel reviews.

1. Booking the Right Weekly Hotel Room on the Right Day of the Week

The best day of the week to book a weekly hotel room at the lowest rate depends on whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally. According to travel aggregator Kayak, for domestic travel, Saturday is the ideal day to book your weekly hotel room, while for international travel, it’s Friday.

On the flip side, Tuesday is the most expensive day to book domestic weekly hotel rooms, and Sunday is the most expensive day for booking international weekly hotel rooms. Hotel searches tend to drop as the week progresses, leading to potential savings of up to 30%.

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2. The Cheapest Days to Check In and Out of Your Weekly Hotel Room

The day you choose to check into and out of your weekly hotel room can also impact your costs. Kayak reported that, traditionally, Sunday was the cheapest day to check into your weekly hotel room, as weekend travelers typically head home, while business travelers commonly check in on Mondays.

However, in 2021, Kayak found that Tuesday is now the least expensive day to check into your weekly hotel room both domestically and internationally. If you have the flexibility to avoid checking in on Fridays or Saturdays for domestic travel or Thursdays for international travel, you can save money.

3. How Far in Advance to Book Your Weekly Hotel Room

The ideal booking window for a weekly hotel room depends on your destination. Leisure travel destinations like Las Vegas or Miami may offer significant savings if you book at least three months in advance for your weekly hotel room.

However, for city stays, booking closer to your travel date, within three weeks, can save you about 30%. Alternatively, making last-minute bookings one to four days before check-in can lead to substantial savings, as hotels offer deals on vacant weekly hotel rooms. Be aware that waiting too long might limit your options, but if you’re willing to take a chance for a good deal, platforms like Hotel Tonight can help.

4. Booking Your Weekly Hotel Room at a Less Busy Time of Year

Booking off-season is a surefire way to save money on weekly hotel room prices. Avoid popular destinations during peak seasons and consider traveling during spring or fall for domestic or European weekly hotel room stays. Similarly, winter is not the best time to find deals in places like Palm Springs, Mexico, or the Caribbean. Additionally, steer clear of popular holiday destinations and major events for your weekly hotel room booking.

5. Booking Your Weekly Hotel Room Directly with the Hotel

Booking your weekly hotel room directly with the hotel often results in the best rates. Hotels are transparent about their prices, ensuring there are no hidden fees. This direct approach can provide peace of mind, and you can rest assured that the price you see is the final price you’ll pay for your weekly hotel room.

6. Making Your Weekly Hotel Room Feel Like Home

To create a home away from home for your weekly hotel room stay, hotels should focus on comfort and amenities. Soft and absorbent bath towels, quality bedding, slippers, and robes can add a touch of luxury to your weekly hotel room. Stocking sufficient toiletries, tissues, and soap is essential. Offering free access to Wi-Fi, pools, and fitness centers can further enhance your stay in your weekly hotel room.

7. The Importance of Hotel Reviews

While considering all these tips, it’s crucial to pay attention to hotel reviews. Reviews from fellow travelers provide valuable insights into the quality of a weekly hotel room and the overall experience. Reading reviews can help you make an informed decision about which weekly hotel room to book.

Look for reviews that mention the cleanliness, service, amenities, and any issues guests may have encountered during their weekly hotel room stay. This additional layer of information can ensure your weekly hotel room experience meets your expectations.

In conclusion, finding the best rates for your weekly hotel room is all about timing, flexibility, and comparison shopping. Use this guide, combined with insights from hotel reviews, to ensure that your next weekly hotel room stay doesn’t break the bank, allowing you to make the most of your travel budget. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, saving on weekly hotel room accommodations means more funds for enjoying the rest of your journey.

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