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November 15, 2023
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Hotels in Jinja: A 6 feet long reptile monitor lizard was caught napping inside one of the expensive rooms of a luxury hotel in southern Thailand. The 6ft long reptile was spotted when one of the hotel staff went inside the room to clean after the guests checked out for the night in Krabi province on April 28.

Not all pets are allowed. Owning a pet lizard might appear enjoyable, but monitor lizards demand a substantial commitment and aren’t suitable for most individuals. With approximately 80 species of monitor lizards and a total of 4675 lizard species globally, not all monitors are suitable as pets, given their potential for significant size differences. Some species can grow substantially larger than others, making them less practical choices for domestic settings

When it comes to traveling with pets, finding accommodation that welcomes your furry companions can be challenging. However, in Jinja, Uganda, several hotels extend their hospitality not just to travelers but to their beloved pets as well. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the five best hotels in Jinja where pets are allowed:

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1. Afro Smile Hotel and Guest House

Situated in the heart of Jinja, Afro Smile Hotel and Guest House offers a pet-friendly environment alongside comfortable lodging options. Their budget double rooms are equipped with amenities to ensure a pleasant stay for both guests and their pets. With a convenient location and reasonable pricing starting at $90 for two nights for 2 adults, this hotel could be an ideal choice for pet owners exploring Jinja.

2. Igar Plaza Hotels in Jinja

The Igar Plaza Hotel, located just 1.1 km from Jinja’s center, provides deluxe double rooms and accommodates pets. The rooms, starting at $225 for two nights for 2 adults, offer ample space and comfort, ensuring both you and your furry friend have a relaxing stay. The inclusion of breakfast in the price makes it a convenient choice for pet owners.

3. Pacific Cottages & Guesthouse Jinja

Known for its sustainability efforts, Pacific Cottages & Guesthouse Hotels in Jinja offers a pet-friendly environment, allowing guests to bring their pets along for an enjoyable stay. With a variety of rooms, including the Business Double Room with Gym Access, starting at $42 for two nights for 2 adults (15% off the original price), this option provides both affordability and pet accommodation.


The MUNRY TOURIST INN (MTI) is another pet-friendly option in Jinja, offering double rooms at a reasonable price of $60 for two nights for 2 adults. With the added benefit of free cancellation and no prepayment required, this hotel provides flexibility for travelers planning their stay with pets.

5. Buvuma Island Beach Hotel

While slightly farther from the city center, the Buvuma Island Beach Hotels in Jinja, located 23.8 km away, also extends a warm welcome to pets. Their double rooms, priced at $108 for two nights for 2 adults, come with breakfast included and offer free cancellation without prepayment, making it an appealing choice for pet-owning travelers seeking a beachside experience.

When planning your trip to Jinja with your furry companions, these five hotels offer excellent accommodation options, ensuring a comfortable stay for both you and your pets. From budget-friendly to more luxurious choices, each hotel listed here provides amenities and services suitable for travelers exploring Jinja with their beloved pets.

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